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Inch by Inch Healthy Homes provides certified mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal, and mold remediation for residential clients in Etobicoke, East York, and the surrounding areas. Mold is delicate, and unfortunately, it finds perfect breeding grounds in numerous surroundings. Once established, mold requires feeding in order to live – and feeding can contain sheetrock, rug, lumber, and even old garments. As long as the atmosphere is moist, humid, or damp, mold can prosper. And unless mold removal is in-depth and complete, the problem will stay and, in many cases, worsen.

Trusted Mold Inspection Experts in East York

Mold is an organism that can reproduce and spread very fast. Eliminating the fungus immediately is vital because people have been known to have severe allergic reactions to the existence of mold and suffer indications such as rashes, skin and throat irritation.

When water damage attacks a residential home, the situation can turn disastrous rapidly. And if water damage is not correctly dried, the possibility for mold growth is intensified. Without correct drying, and without comprehensive mold removal, mold will prosper and develop – which could lead to untoward health effects.

Mold removal is a serious task, and best left to an expert services firm in Etobicoke and East York like Inch by Inch Healthy Homes.

Mold Remediation and Testing Reliable Contractors in Etobicoke and York

The existence of mold in the household is serious and a significant project like that should only be reliable to a licensed expert that identifies the process of eradicating the fungus from the residence. At Inch by Inch Healthy Homes, our skilled and trained professionals are highly qualified in inspection, testing, and complete mold removal. When it comes to mold removal in Etobicoke, East York, and surrounding areas, smart homeowners go to Inch by Inch Healthy Homes for their mold services needs.

The mold removal products that we use are environmental-friendly and non-toxic (without biocides). They are considered GREEN – in other terms, cleaning products that are strong and tough on mold, but fresh and harmless for residents. Our mold removal process certifies mold remediation that is both safe and successful. And our experts always make sure that clients and employees are safe and secure during the mold removal process.

Inch by Inch Healthy Homes is fully licensed by the IICRC and can remove mold carefully and safely with high-tech equipment and ecologically friendly products that are rough on the fungus, but not on people. We have wide experience in the GTA area and are well-reviewed by the community.

Best Residential Mold Removal Contractors in Etobicoke

Service providers that are specialized by a global association are dedicated to constantly bringing high standards of service as directed by certification. Inch by Inch Healthy Homes is certified by the IICRC, which is the main leading association for the industry. The team at Inch by Inch is expert and focused on results. Where needed, we can recommend a skilled mold hygienist to evaluate the possibility of mold damage and to create a proactive strategy for mold removal. As an expert services firm, we don’t do our own mold inspections and testing procedure, mostly because it’s a conflict of interest. An independent third party makes both of these jobs, with reporting procedures that assess the scope of harm, and any possible risk. At that point, we are prepared for mold removal.

In any water damage situation, using a licensed mold expert will ensure a thorough assessment of mold growth and the amount of coverage. Whether it’s in a residential home or a commercial business in Etobicoke, East York and surrounding areas, it’s very significant to determine whether mold is just an unappealing incidence, or if the situation is hazardous. This will also have an effect on the type of mold removal required, and on the remediation, a method to follow. And it has a specific meaning if the damaged property is being sold, rented, or leased to others.

Mold Inspection Experts in East York and Etobicoke know where to look

Inspection and mold testing is a comprehensive process that requires a professional with experience and knowledge. Skilled mold experts are trained to distinguish visual signs within the home and will also make air quality and surface tests to check the presence of mold. Mold experts also have up-to-date tools at their removal to confirm the presence of mold within walls, attics, and other difficult and hard-to-reach places. A complete home report and recommendations for correct removal will be offered to the homeowner after the inspection is done.

Water damage of any kind is very frequently unexpected, and always undesirable. When it comes to mold removal, it is important to deal with a reliable and reputable mold agency. Amongst many services, Inch by Inch Healthy Homes specializes in mold removal – with a team of skilled specialists who work professionally and securely. For every customer, our goal is to offer fulfillment during difficult and challenging times. Our turn-around times are fast, our pricing is very competitive, and positive results are guaranteed.

If you are unsure if it is mold, or have had new water damage or flooding, do not wait to examine the possibility of the fungus as it can spread fast. Homeowners in Etobicoke, East York, and all surrounding areas should contact Inch by Inch immediately at 416-568-9702 or email us at for a solution


One identifying mark of a good mold inspections and removal company in East York, Etobicoke and all surrounding areas, is it’s being able to send a maintenance crew that can identify and correct other areas of concern – people who possess expertise on, aside from those two already mentioned, crawlspace encapsulation, water loss and structural drying, crime scene clean-up, winterizing and de-winterizing, asbestos removal, radon gas reduction, lead abatement, etc.

It pays to make use of the internet where you can read about the many issues concerning molds. If possible, get yourself extensively educated on molds not only on how they develop and how they can be eliminated but also on the health risks that they pose to the members of your household. Some of these molds do have benefits for us but once crawling inside our homes, we shouldn’t let them stay there for another minute.

Do your research ahead of getting a mold inspection team and make it a point to list all questions. Inquisitive mold inspection customers get better service than those who don’t get to ask pertinent questions. And more often than not, customers who display knowledge are those who are able to get to save money and are able to eliminate these molds once and for all.

Safe Mold Removal Service Etobicoke and Best Mold Inspection Services East York

It is not just about cleaning and beautifying your house, or ensuring safety in the home, or keeping health risks at bay. Getting a mold inspection service in East York, Etobicoke, and the rest of Toronto is also about choosing the best team and making yourself smarter in managing your family. Here at GTA Mold Inspection, we provide quality but affordable mold inspection services.

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