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Trusted Infrared Thermal Imaging in Toronto

Do you think you’re suffering from mould? Or do you think your colleagues, family members, guests, or visitors are suffering from an outbreak of mold in your home or office space? We have a true twenty-first-century solution for you: Infrared mould inspections. Inch by Inch Healthy Homes is a mould inspection, remediation company servicing proudly serving the Greater Toronto area that performs state-of-the-art, wonderfully accurate infrared mould inspections.

At Inch by Inch Healthy Homes, we provide varying types of infrared thermal imaging services for residential properties in and around the Toronto areas. Infrared thermal imaging is a non-intrusive and non-disruptive inspection technique for both residential and commercial properties which provide instant results. Through infrared thermal imaging, inspectors can immediately identify residential related problems such as electrical issues, heat loss from walls, moisture leaks, and substandard quality of construction among others. Our infrared thermal imaging inspection technique significantly enables our home inspectors to detect early signs of issues and/or other problems which are otherwise cannot be identified with only the naked eyes.

With Inch by Inch Healthy Homes, you get a thorough search for the origins of mould without invasive procedures like opening up walls, ripping up carpets, lifting tiles, or taking up floor boards. Infrared mould inspections involve a search using high end thermal technology, which can help pinpoint mould that is hidden behind surfaces. Talk about the positive uses of technology! We have a team of certified inspectors in Toronto who are well-trained and knowledgeable on thermodynamics and material properties. Hence, whether you want to check the structural integrity of your home in preparation for its resale or you notice moisture seepage yet you don’t know where it comes from, our inspectors can address these needs in no time using our basic and/or advanced infrared thermal imaging services in Toronto.

At Inch by Inch Healthy Homes, we take pride in the effectiveness and accuracy of our infrared mould inspections. Let us pinpoint your mould problem so that you can start mould remediation ASAP. If you want to know more about how thermography works for your residential property in Toronto and all of GTA, contact us now.


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